Legal / Corporation Counsel

The Corporation Counsel’s office serves as the legal advisor to the mayor and City Council and to all committees, boards, executive officers, and departments of the city. The scope of the duties of the Office of Corporation Counsel includes all city matters referred to it including contracts, grants, disputes, opinions, various litigation which might include workers’ compensation, tax foreclosures, tax appeals, and collections. The office also:

  • Conducts all civil matters, and brings action on and defends before all courts any matter pertaining to city affairs, or in which the city may have an interest.
  • Keeps a complete record of all suits in which the city had or has an interest together with the status or disposition thereof, including all pleadings, publications, and documents pertaining thereto.
  • Keeps a complete record of all written opinions forwarded by it, and all abstracts of title prepared by it in such form as to be readily accessible at all times.
  • Keeps the City Council informed regarding the status of litigation and of other matters referred to it by the council or the city officers.

 Office Staff 

The Corporation Counsel’s office consists of one part-time Corporation Counsel, two full-time attorneys and one part-time attorney, as well as a full-time legal secretary. The office is currently staffed as follows:

  • Edward C. Krawiecki, Jr., Corporation Counsel
  • Tom Conlin, Full-time Assistant Corporation Counsel
  • Jeffrey R. Steeg, Full-Time Corporation Counsel
  • Jason Welch, Part-time Assistant Corporation Counsel
  • Noelle Bates, Legal Administrator
  • Gennesis Ojeda, Legal Administrative Assistant 

Staff Directory

General Assembly

During any session of the general assembly, the Corporation Counsel’s office shall keep the City Council and Board of Finance fully informed on any measure or bill introduced into the general assembly amending the charter of the city, and/or any other measure introduced by the general assembly which the Corporation Counsel believes should be brought to the attention of either the City Council or the Board of Finance.

The Corporation Counsel’s office is prohibited from providing legal advice to the general public.