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Real Estate Closing Form

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  3. Remittance Information:

    Please mail check to: 

    Bristol Water & Sewer Department

    PO Box 58, Bristol, CT  06011-0058

    119 Riverside Ave., Bristol, CT  06010

  4. Please Read Carefully:

    1.  A final meter reading must be obtained by the Bristol Water & Sewer Department to process a Real Estate Closing.  The request must come from either the Seller's Attorney, Buyer's Attorney or Paralegal no less than three (3) business days or four (4) business days notice for BANK/HUD owned properties.  If advance notice is not provided, money can be held in escrow.  The Bristol Water & Sewer Department will not be liable for unpaid balances from escrow calculations.  A final water/sewer bill will be provided to the Closing Attorney's email.

    2.  Properties that are vacant or BANK/HUD owned, arrangements must be made to access the property.

    3.  Interest will continue to accrue at 1.5% on the unpaid balance with a minimum of $1.50 per service.

    4.  Please ensure all parties are informed of payments being made to avoid duplicate payments.

    5.  The Bristol Water and Sewer Department shall be notified of any change to the scheduled closing date.

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