Shared Engineering Documents

Available Information

Connecticut Department of Transportation Community Connectivity Grant Program (CCGP) funding includes 2 areas of construction work for 2020; Ramp and Sidewalk improvements and Wayfinding Signs.  The Preliminary Plans (Not for Construction) are provided below: 

2017 Road Safety Audit

Bristol Grand Plan Map


Unaccepted Streets Utilized by Residents

Unaccepted Streets Maps


Bristol ADA Presentation

ADA Self Evaluation and Transition Plan - Sidewalks and Curb Ramps

Intersection Drawings

 City of Bristol Drawings

 DOT Traffic Signal Plans

 Farmington Oakland

Asplundh Tree Map

DPW Roadway Condition Rating - Report 

Pavement Management Program - Draft Report 

Roadway Maintenance History Summary

Info from Board of Public Works December Meeting

Bridge Construction Update

DOT Route 69/72 West End Intersection Reconstruction

Roadway Speed Bumps/Humps


Public Buildings Project List

Bristol Sanitary Landfill Stewardship Permit