What Residents Can Do

What can residents do?

  • Adhere to parking bans when in effect. This helps keep streets clear and makes snow removal more efficient.
  • Stay off the road when possible. If you must travel, use caution and keep your distance from vehicles involved in the snow fighting effort to allow them to perform safely.
  • Do not shovel or blow snow back onto roads or sidewalks cleared by the City. This can create a hazardous condition and is prohibited by City Ordinance.
  • Ensure that your mailbox, if installed on the tree border (behind the curb) is in good repair and installed properly to avoid damage by plows.
  • Clear catch basins near your residence to ensure that storm runoff can drain properly.

If you have any concerns regarding the plowing or sanding of City Streets, please call the Public Works Dispatcher at (860) 584-7791.


(During the Winter season) Free supplies of sand for snow and ice conditions is available to residents in small quantities in front of the City Dog Pound on Vincent P. Kelly Road (off of Middle Street). We ask that you only fill containers for residential use, we do not allow trucks to be loaded.