Vehicle & Equipment Maintenance

Division Responsibilities & Services

This division maintains and repairs all Public Works heavy equipment and fleet vehicles. The garage staff includes five mechanics, one preventive maintenance person, a parts technician, and a dispatcher.

Fleet service and repairs range from changing a light bulb to complete overhaul of small and large equipment to include engine transmission and drive train repairs. Additionally, the garage performs light maintenance such as brake jobs, oil and filter changes, and tune-ups for 40 vehicles assigned to the Police Department and six vehicles assigned to the Building Department. The Garage Division also maintains and operates the automated fuel dispensing system located at the city yard, which supplies fuel for all city owned vehicles.

About Our Fleet

The fleet consists of 92 road vehicles which range from administration cars and pickup trucks, to larger dump trucks, plow trucks, sanitation trucks, and recycling trucks. The garage also maintains and services the complete line of city owned construction equipment, which ranges from large front end loaders, graders, backhoes, screening plants, and tub grinders, down to the smaller equipment such as pumps and chainsaws.