Commercial Pay As You Throw Information

Commercial PAYT

Commercial permits can be issued to business entities. Commercial permits require a Certificate of Liability Insurance showing a minimum of $500,000 Auto Liability (Combined Single Limit) and the City of Bristol must be named as Certificate Holder.

The rates for Commercial disposal are as follows:

  • Annual permit fee of $50.00 per company for the first vehicle for Bristol owned businesses, additional permits at $50.00 per vehicle.
  • Annual permit fee of $100.00 per company for the first vehicle for non-Bristol owned businesses doing business in Bristol, additional permits at $100.00 per vehicle.
  • Commercial permit year will be a rolling year tied to the company's insurance policy renewal.
  • $5.00 gate fee will apply to all loads. If chargeable items are mixed with non-chargeable material, the load will be chargeable.
  • No electronics accepted from business/commercial permit holders.
  • Free materials: leaves, metals, recyclables, antifreeze (5 gal/day), oil (5 gal/day), fluorescent bulbs (10/day), paint (10 gal/day), mattresses/box springs (5/year), tires (8/year). 

You must separate materials by type and dispose of in the correct area: Transfer Station Map


Commercial Yard Waste:

  • Monday - Friday: $5.00 gate fee, charged at $0.60 per 10 pounds.
  • Saturday: $5.00 gate fee, charged at $0.85 per 10 pounds. 

All other commercial material: $5.00 gate fee, charged at $0.85 per 10 pounds (Monday through Saturday).

Commercial Accounts

  • Pre-payment is required on all accounts before access will be allowed to the Transfer Station
  • A minimum balance of $50.00 will be required in your account before the first time you visit the transfer station.
  • Once your account falls below $30.00, the scale system will notify you that it is time to add funds to your account.
  • Once your account falls below $25.00, you will need to add funds to your account before you are allowed access to the Transfer Station.
  • You may add funds to your account online. Please call our office for your Customer ID. Funds are available within 24 hours.
  • You may also come into our office to add funds to your Transfer Station permit. Funds are available immediately.
  • All online payments are subject to a service fee, typically 2.95% of the transaction fee.
  • Commercial permit holders cannot renew their permits online. You can renew your permit in the office or by mail. You will need your business' updated Certificate of Liability Insurance (Accord Form) and your renewal payment. If renewing by mail, please write the check to the City of Bristol, and address the envelope to Public Works 111 North Main Street, Bristol, CT 06010.
  • Commercial permits are vehicle-specific and can only be used in the vehicle we have on file.


PAYT permits are automatically read by a scanner when you enter the Transfer Station. 

Your vehicle will be weighed upon entrance to the Transfer Station and again upon exiting to determine the weight of items disposed of.