What programs do you offer?
Ten to sixteen (10-16) programs each year are designed to fill the gaps in services or enhance existing services. Services range in scope and focus.

Positive Youth Development group programs are designed to build skills and competencies of young people, nurture the pursuit of their goals and aspirations, and strengthen family, peer, school, and community connections. The Climbing Team, Peer Education, Dancing Stars, Skills to Pay the Bills, and Lunch Buddies are some of these programs offered annually.

Mental Health Services respond to youth and families who are experiencing emotional distress related to significant losses or trauma. Some of these services include family counseling, young men’s and young women’s issues groups, and Bananas Split Too!

Child welfare programs assist and empower families to meet basic needs and maintain a supportive family environment; these include application assistance and case management, Parent and Community Efforts (PACE), back-to-school supplies, and holiday gift giving coordination.

Programs aim to reduce barriers to accessing services such as financial hardship, lack of access to behavioral health providers, and lack of transportation. All of the program leaders continuously strive for cultural competency. Please see our program listing for seasonal offerings of programs.

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