Fire Marshal's Office

Fire Marshal -Kristopher Lambert
860-584-7964 Ext. 8102

Office Hours 7:30 - 5:30

The Fire Prevention Division/Fire Marshal’s Office is located at Central Fire Headquarters. Staff members include the Fire Marshal and three Fire Inspectors, trained and certified by the State of Connecticut as Fire Inspectors and Fire Investigators, and a part-time Principal Clerk.

The division is responsible for the enforcement of applicable CT General Statutes, the Connecticut State Fire Safety Code (CSFSC), the Connecticut State Fire Prevention Code (CSFPC), and local ordinances as they pertain to occupancy types and property use. Through plan review and the inspection/abatement process, we assist property owners to achieve compliance with those codes.

The Office regulates the issuance of permits to qualified CT license holders for the use, transportation, and storage of explosives within the city, to assure compliance with State Explosives Regulations. This includes site inspections of all fireworks and special effects displays within the city. Special amusements, tents, and other portable structures used for special events and/or assembly purposes are inspected as necessary.

The Fire Marshal’s Office is responsible for investigating the origin, cause, and circumstance of all fires and explosions within the city. Data is collected and results are used to track trends for future prevention activities, and to refer criminal acts for prosecution.

The Division also designs, coordinates, and conducts Public Fire and Life Safety Education programs in cooperation with the suppression forces. We have access to the “Hap” Barnes Fire Safety Trailer, which is used as an interactive learning center for children to visualize and “practice” what they have learned during the programs.

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