Water Quality Overview

The Bristol Water Department has supplied the City of Bristol

with high-quality drinking water since the early 1900s. The Bristol Water Department has accomplished this by making major investments in the supply, treatment, and distribution facilities needed to operate a sophisticated water system. The Bristol Watershed area is comprised of six contributing reservoir areas. Reservoirs in the towns of Burlington, Harwinton, Plymouth, and Bristol are channeled through the Poland River to transmission mains from these to a water treatment plant, where it is treated and sent into the distribution system and storage facilities. Along with the reservoir system, we have five gravel-packed wells, which provide water to the distribution system Low Service Area and an interconnection with the City of New Britain Water Department to supplement the Stevens Street area. In 2014, the Bristol Water Department produced a total of 1 billion, 899 million gallons of water, or approximately 5.2 million gallons per day. On July 19, 2013, we produced 7,488,460 gallons of water, which was the highest production day of the year.