Zoning FAQs

  • Do I need a tag sale permit?
    Yes. A tag sale permit can be issued in the zoning office or on-line Tag Sale Permit
  • How is my property zoned, what uses may be established, and what are the building setbacks?
    For this information, contact the Zoning Office at (860) 584-6214.
  • I want to build an addition on my house & build a deck. How close to the lot line can these structures be built?
    Depending on the zoning district, it is different. Contact the Zoning Office at (860) 584-6214.
  • What are the restrictions for the placement of sheds in residential yards?
    A minimum of five feet from the side & rear property lines. Sheds cannot be placed in the front yard. 
  • What is the maximum height of detached sheds, garages and other types of accessory structures?
    The maximum height is 14'. For a typical 'A' frame, the height is located by determining the mid point between the ridge & eave. 
  • Are there any zoning regulations regarding the location & height of fences and retaining walls?
    Yes. Call the Zoning Office at 584-6214 for additional information.
  • Can I operate a business from my home?
    A home based business use may be limited. To determine if it is allowed, apply for a permit through the on-line permitting system. It will be reviewed by the zoning enforcement officer. 
  • What are the restrictions on the keeping of domesticated animals?
    No more than four pets over six months of age are allowed. 
  • What is considered a "domesticated pet"?
    Any dog, cat, or similar animal can be kept in a home. Horses, sheep, cattle, Llamas or any "hoofed" livestock type of animal are not considered pets. 
  • Can horses be kept on residential property?
    Yes. The property must be at least two acres in size. For each additional horse, an additional 1/3 acre is required. The maximum number of horses is five. Contact the Zoning Office (860) 584-6214 for more information.
  • Are there any restrictions regarding the parking of vehicles on a residential property?
    Yes. Vehicles are prohibited from parking on the required front yard. Only one unregistered motor vehicle is allowed. The maximum length for a boat parked in a residential zone is 28'.
  • Are there any limitations on how many dwelling units can be built on a lot?
    Yes. Only one dwelling is allowed per parcel. 
  • Is the displaying of signs regulated by the City of Bristol?
    Yes. Contact the Zoning Office at (860) 584-6214 for more information.  
  • Does the zoning officer enforce covenants or deed restrictions in sub-divisions?