Virus concerns? bring your own pen to the polls

One of the concerns of voting in person is the potential spread of germs as voters cast their ballot.

​The Registrars recognize this as a legitimate concern and encourage voters to bring their own pen for casting their ballot. This should alleviate thoughts of staying home and not voting.​

​Recognizing the marking pen is a communal device used at the polls for all to use, we’re recommending that voters bring their own BLUE or BLACK inked pen if they are concerned. Our poll workers will have extra pens for replacement and will continually sanitize the pens and privacy booths to keep them safe for re-use. Allowing for personal pens will be an added precaution to help minimize anxiety for those concerned with the process.​

​Please do not bring anything other than blue or black inked pens, as red ink will not be read by the ballot tabulator. If red ink is used, then the ballot will have to be inserted into the Auxiliary Bin and hand counted at the close of the polls.

​Be safe and VOTE!!